Sunday, September 27, 2015

DomiNations interesting game from Nexon Mobile

In this time games tower defense with new variations that  DomiNation game from nexon this game will become heavy clash of clan given the DomiNation and the CoC has the same genres i.e. tower defense. Maybe the game this is the only heavy for rival game CoC (Clash Of Clans). Game DomiaNation itself brings the same theme with the CoC Games that we know but there are some systems that created this game looks different with CoC.

DomiNations use Age system, what is the system of "Age" ? is the same system with a system on Townhall CoC. the difference is you are required to develop an age which consists of the "Stone Age" to the "Space Age" (for now still until "Civilitation Age" sequels will menuggu Next Update) why this system is very attractive? because in this system you not only get the new accounts will be able to zoom in on the State of this system you will also open a new sismtem such as "Nation" where you can choose your own country.
Tower defense game that uses the system time of the increasingly high age you will be getting more sophisticated building village ye ya age system is the same as the town hall in coc ok further to gather resources such as gold, food and also the crown could you can by means of hunting or attacking the village of other players who I think is interesting is by hunting.
 Yes you can collect resources by hunting animals around the village you like deer foxes, rabbits, and other animals that can be hunted ok more hehe nexon as a developer of this game offers an interesting feature in this game you can choose your country while you next level,  the iron age that will have an impact to the front of his village and the selection of the countries you can only once and cannot be changed again the country could be chosen by you is United Kingdom , Roman, China, Germany, France, Japan and Greece. 

You will be treated to one of the very interesting system that is a system of hunting. To get a Resource or natural resources such as Gold, Food and also Crown. In this system you can hunt various animals such as Rabbits, deer, foxes and Deer, all of which will make you gain the resources you need. But you can generate free unlimited resource with DomiNations Hack Tool 

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