Sunday, October 11, 2015

March of Empires Tricks How to Get Free Gold

Gameloft officially released the mobile game with its latest strategy genre, March of Empires. Following the trend that was popular in the mobile gaming industry at this time, in March of Empires we can build a base, to form an army of war and sent troops to other areas to master. Not just the area with vacant land only, but the territory controlled by other players.

Like most other RTS games, you are required to build a wide variety of building structures. Each of these buildings have their respective functions; barrack as a training ground troops, scout tower as a lurking enemy strategy, academy as a place for new technologies, and the workshop as a place to make armaments.

To be able to conquer a wide swath of territory, you are allowed to form alliances with other players, so that later you can communicate effectively and ensure the functioning of larger alliances. With the game features offer functionality alliance to elect a leader and take decisions together for the sake of consensus, the March of Empires is a strategy game that is highly focused on its social function.

Train the troops, raise the level of the building, looking for food supplies, searching for mines, quasi takes time. Along with increased levels of the building, the longer the time it takes to raise the level. Surely there is an option to speed up the time by using gold, which you can get by paying the original amount of money. After all, this is a freemium game. You can generate unlimited gold using tool from this web , March of Empires Cheat able to add gold to your account instantly

Zombie Deathmatch first mobile game that Adopting Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Deathmatch  first mobile game that Adopting Zombie Apocalypse
Popularity of the genre of the game fighting in mobile devices may indeed not how when compared to mainstream games such as puzzle games, and strategy games are casual. However, we can find the fighting game titles are visible and standout could become an excellent alternative if you do not want to play on the PC or console. One of the game developers and publishers who are experts in this type of game is concocted Reliance Games.
Reliance Games announced a latest fighting game title again and now brings the undead to fight arena. Zombie Deathmatch is the game is and looks very interesting for us to look forward to his presence. The main reason is there hasn't been any mobile game titles that make a zombie apocalypse themed game formula into a fighting game where other developers made it more often in the form of a shooter game.
Zombie Deathmatch also not a regular fighting games, there are background stories that are interesting to follow. Told in the year 2036, a Serum is widespread and revamp the humans into zombies. Papa Rainbow, a voodoo master along with his minions jahatnyalah who created the serum and accidentally creates a zombie army to destroy the human race.
As a human being is immune to zombie infection and serum, has a best friend named Brock who turns into a zombie and be the strongest zombie fighter in the world. When Papa Rainbow asking to buy Brock as his troops, you reject, as Brock was killed instantly. This is where the classic as the last hope of the human race to build an army of zombies petarungmu yourself for the sake of defeating Papa Rainbow.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Heroes Reborn: Enigma Cheats

The game which is a prologue to the story of the television series Heroes Reborn was being aired on this has just been release in Android and iOS platforms. Heroes Reborn: Enigma release ahead of Heroes Reborn: Gemini who will follow the release on console and PC.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma will bring you into a puzzle game with first-person perspective (first person). As I've explained before, here you will portray Dahlia, an EVO (designation for those who have the power) that is held in a Government-owned facility named The Quarry and attempted escapes.
Time Shifting feature is very similar to that in the Silent Age. This ability allows Dahlia to get through the obstacles that exist in the present with the switch to the past/future.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma you can get by paying $5. Quite expensive indeed. But if you decide to buy, there will be thirty stage full